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Investing in the Future

Watch Group

Watch Ideas is a premier holding company focused on value creation and growth across a broad range of investments. The collection consists of investments in private and public equity, real estate and alternative asset classes across several industry verticals.

A board that draws from experience

Holding Company

Watch Ideas is a premier holding company focused on value creation. With a diverse folder, which includes majority and minority stakes, joint ventures, partnerships, public equities, debt securities, and fund investments, it has been constructed to optimize financial growth.

The wide range of industries includes information technology, advertisement, media, real estate, and services which is actively managed and collaborated on with partnering companies to maximize their value.

Investing in the brands of the future

Venture Funding

Watch Ideas offers angel investments to entrepreneurs and small businesses that do not have access to capital markets. With their in-depth experience and expertise, the leadership team has helped the most promising brands develop into successful businesses.

From providing technical support to advising on strategic decisions, or even acting as a company’s board of directors, the leadership team assists at whatever level is strategically required.

Concept Development & Resources

Business Expertise

The Watch Ideas leadership team draws from decades of experience. Utilizing insights into the competitive landscape, current trends and expertise in market evaluation and capitalization, the group has partnered with legal and administrative experts.

In a collective effort, sound and successful companies with promising, long term growth trajectories are developed.