Watch Fitness.

Fitness Consulting, Recruitment, Equipment Refurbishment.

YP Business Consulting is a consulting business headquartered in Hawalli, Kuwait. The client portfolio includes the most prestigious fitness and hotel brands across 4 continents.

A Watch Group Company

YP Business Consulting

Turnkey solutions for fitness-, leisure-, sport-, and spa projects, for gyms and hotels in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia and South America.

Primal Strength Equipment Distribution

Watch Fitness is one of the official distributors of Primal Strength Fitness Equipment.

Fitness Equipment Refurbishment

As experts in refurbishment and maintenance, we sell refurbished fitness equipment of various brands and buy your pre-owned machines.

YP Business Consulting

Yves Preissler Business Consulting is a privately owned business consultancy company headquartered in Kuwait. With 30+ years experience across Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia, the company possesses a wide network of suppliers and partners.

Gym, Leisure & Hospitality

Yves Preissler and his team provide Gym and Hospitality Consulting services, create tailor-made concepts, and deliver projects end-to-end.

Business Consulting

Offering Business Consulting across all industries, the team draws from decades of international experience to support companies in growth, geographical expansions, and optimization of internal processes.


Bespoke Recruitment Solutions for companies in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia. As experts in the field of fitness, Yves Preissler Consultant has access to a vast pool of talent globally.

Primal Strength Equipment Distribution

Watch Fitness is the official distributor of premium fitness equipment brand Primal Strength. The equipment offering ranges from machines, to benches to accessories and flooring.

Equipment Refurbishment

We sell refurbished equipment of various brands and also buy pre-owned equipment.

With knowledge of all major brands, the experienced team of engineers checks the machines according to manufacturer guidelines. The equipment is then brought to a brand new shine with all the original parts, and gym owners can enjoy a brand new machine.