Universal Watch.

Content Production. Content Distribution.

Established in 2005 in the State of Kuwait, Universal Watch is a digital media platform. With services ranging from digital video content and direct advertising channels, the team advises B2B and B2C clients on the best way to utilize channels such as TV, mobile, digital and audio from creation, licensing to the distribution of content.

A Watch Group Company

Content Production

Great content inspires and enriches its audience. Universal Watch publishes content across many media and technologies. The team’s experience ranges across many channels including the internet, television, radio, audio CDs, books, magazines, live events, such as conferences and stage performances.

Universal Watch works closely with clients to assure accuracy and relevance of content and executes end to end, taking care of copywriting, editing, graphics, audio and video content to the highest standards.

The team of producers is skilled and creative, working with teams across diverse business functions and industries.

Our team includes:

  • Broadcasters.
  • Distributors.
  • Providers.
  • Brand Managers.
  • Digital Media Strategists.
  • Marketing Managers.

Content Distribution

For over 15 years, Universal Watch has worked with broadcasters, distributors and content providers to effectively distribute content, maximize audiences, introduce innovative techniques and improve visibility of clients’ products and services.

Content Delivery

At Universal Watch, the team helps clients selecting the precise distribution platform that works best for their content. Drawing from years of strong relationships built with the with leading Telecom and Satellite operators in the Middle East and throughout the world, Universal Watch delivers content in the most effective way.





Content Management

The team of content experts at Universal Watch helps teams keep their content up to date and optimized for the perfect user experience. With expertise in digital marketing and background on the web and specifics in usability, clients are guaranteed that the message is delivered.

Digital Services

The Digital Production team helps digital, brand and marketing teams deliver differentiated customer experiences that drive revenue growth by migrating to marketing automation and allowing marketers more time for strategizing and creative execution. The Universal Watch team works with clients to create and localize creative content, managing campaigns across channels and tracking performance for maximum return on investment.