True Line.

Marketing & Events.

True Line was launched in 2002 with the goal to become one of the leading Direct Marketing, Event, and Human Resourcing companies in the region. Today, our loyal client base and hundreds of completed projects speak for themselves. Discover our services below.

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Direct Marketing

Since its inception in 2002, Trueline quickly grew to provide a wide range of direct marketing services within the region. Its core strength is to work with clients to create innovative and smart campaigns that meet objectives and build brand visibility.

Event Management

With its team of experts, True Line carefully executes events right down to the smallest detail, creating memorable experiences that are perfectly aligned with brand image. With years of knowledge in scenography and a unique vision, the leadership works with qualified professionals to bring events to life.

Human Resourcing

Giving back to the community and the next generation work force, True Line’s mission is to train and coach new talent. Along with their academic background, team members are armed with the right work expertise in today’s competitive job market.

Direct Marketing Services

01 | Man Power

With commitment that sparks from the leadership team until the talent on site, the True Line teams are passionate about helping clients achieve campaign goals and event objectives.

02 | Location Booking

With access to the best venues across the region through long standing relationships, True Line is proud to offer preferred rates, early insights into availability and can easily complete the necessary paper work.

03 | Booth Design

Innovative booth design, executed in collaboration with qualified professionals to ensure high quality finishing and adherence to safety standards.

04 | Booth Assembly

Qualified technicians ensure detail oriented execution of booth installations and assembly of pre-design booths. Timeliness and adherence to deadlines are key values for the True Line teams.

05 | Analysis & Feedback

The True Line team compiles reports with data and graphs so clients can easily evaluate the performance of their campaign. Additional Services include research, statistical analysis, and collection of feedback.

06 | Campaign Auditing

Performance measurement is key. The True Line auditing services include supervision, monitoring, and reporting that provide the insights to make informed decisions.

07 | Merchandisers and Promoters with Residency Visa & Health Cards

08 | Branded Promotion Stands

09 | Indoor & Outdoor /Horeca & Roadshow Activities

10 | Special tailored costumes related to any type of promotion

11 | Mall Activations

Mall Activation is able to create unique activation stands that work within any client budget. We are involved in every step of producing mall activations: booking of the centre courts; securing the shopping mall’s approval of the activation; signing of all contracts, supplying of public liability insurance to cover the activation; design and manufacture of stands; erection and striking of stands as per the regulations stipulated by the shopping malls.

Human Resourcing

  • Promoters
  • Models
  • Hostess and Ushers
  • Organizers
  • Sales personals
  • Performers
  • Actors
  • Security
  • Mystery Shoppers
  • MC’s

Event Management & Organizing

We execute conferences and possess a wealth of experience in dealing with its delegates including location booking with the best available rate. We manage outdoor open day events with a variety of indoor & outdoor entertainment activities, and provide ushers and usherettes for any type of event. In addition, we can arrange light & sound setup with indoor and outdoor LED screens.


With years of experience in event consulting and execution, the True Line leadership team works with clients to create ambiance and elegance that translates in all the various aspects of a successful events: This includes concept design, implementation, light, sound, decoration, catering, man power and uniforms. True Line is proud to cover any type of event:

  • Co-operative events (Launches, Dinners, Shows)
  • Social events (Weddings, Ghabqas, Anniversaries)

Expos and Conferences

When buyers, sellers and products or services physically come together at a big conference, True Line helps clients choose the right venue to showcase their product or service in the best light. The latest technology for seminars, conferences is utilized to suit the most exclusive clientele. True Line offers the following services:

  • Concept design & implementation
  • Marketing collateral design & execution
  • Lighting
  • Sound design
  • Human resourcing

Entertaining Shows

True Line offers bespoke externtainment shows, created under the leadership and vision of Executive Producer Mr. Mike Badran. Entertaining shows are both extraordinary and memorable and the execution can be outsourced or created in-house by the True Line team.

  • Concept design & implementation
  • Marketing collateral design & execution
  • Lighting
  • Sound design
  • Human resourcing

True Line has utilized an innovative approach to experiential marketing and event tools. We use a rare blend of activation expertise and process-driven thinking to build strong relationships between our clients and their target consumers. We deliver creative concept keeping in mind your core branding objective.