LED Screens, Smart Furniture & Control Rooms.

As a customer focused solution provider, our resources are geared towards meeting your digital marketing needs. We like to consider ourselves as a boutique for a Digitized visual marketing products making each project something unique. We are proud of representing two brands born in the digital age. RPG Technology & Kabuki LED the leaders in creation and development of giant LED screens. We bring our clients closer to a digitized world where everything is possible and where imagination is tangible, so that together we achieve results that leave an impact.

A Watch Group Company

RPG Technology

Transforming clients’ digital experience through design, the team at RPG consists of Engineers, Designers, and Computer Technicians. Collaboratively, they create bespoke integrated experiences that bring brands to life in a creative way.

Kabuki LED

An innovator in the digital technology, Kabuki LED creates and develops experiences through led LED screens. Creating a world where everything is possible and where reality is mixed with fiction, Kabuki LED manages technology, content, software development and data analysis.